Our Annual Awards Banquet and Show Celebration was held onTuesday, March 7, 2017 at Cantina Laredo Restaurant, Bell Tower Shops, Fort Myers, FL.

Dr. Milton McKelvie, DVM – 2017 winner of the GFMDC Golden Bone Award!

Dr. McKelvie is a 1983 graduate of the University of Florida. In1985, Dr. McKelvie purchased the Viscaya-Prado Veterinary Hospital from Dr. Gary Nelson and has grown the practice to a veterinary clinic that is open seven days a week until 9 p.m. with 13 veterinarians on staff and offers emergency after hours veterinarian on call as well as 24 hour monitoring of patients. Dr. McKelvie enjoys sports, working-out, gardening, traveling with his wife and spending time with his family.

The Greater Fort Myers Dog Club has chosen Dr. McKelvie to be the recipient of the 2017 Golden Bone Award. We are pleased to be honoring Dr. McKelvie for his distinguished service, exemplary effort and dedication to the canine community. He has listened and positively responded to the needs of the breeders and dog owners in this community. For years, we have been wanting a full service veterinary hospital that takes patients in the evenings, monitors critical patients 24 hours a day, has reasonably priced services and medications, is honest with the owners, treats patients with kindness and integrity, listens to, respects and spends time discussing the diagnosis and treatment of patients owned by knowledgeable dog breeders in the community, and provides middle of the night on-call veterinary help.

Even when Dr. McKelvie’s appointment schedule is completely booked, he is known for fitting in an “emergency” patient when a breeder calls. While many GFMDC members extoll his dedication to helping canines in our community, the following stories exemplify his distinguished service. During the last hurricane to hit the east coast of Florida, one of the GFMDC breeders had a critical problem. One of the dogs that the breeder co-owned lived in Apopka, FL. The dog was experiencing severe symptoms and was diagnosed with a basketball sized mass in her abdomen that could burst any minute. All of the clinics including emergency clinics were closing in the area and not one would do the emergency surgery. The local breeder called Dr. McKelvie and requested his help. Even though his day was completely booked, he had the owners drive the dog across the state and performed emergency surgery on the dog at 7 p.m. The surgery was a success and the dog recovered.

A GFMDC breeder set up an appointment to have a mass removed from a dog’s foot. Upon examination prior to surgery, Dr. McKelvie recommended a course of antibiotics before proceeding with surgery to see if that would clear it up and then he did not even charge for the visit. Another GFMDC breeder had a critical whelping problem at 10 p.m. on the fourth of July. She called Dr. McKelvie and he performed an emergency c-section and the litter was saved. 

It is our pleasure to award the GFMDC 2017 Golden Bone Award to Dr. Milton McKelvie, DVM for the following:

  • Serving the canine community in an outstanding fashion.
  • Showing extraordinary dedication and resourcefulness in improving 24 hour veterinary care for the area.
  • Going well beyond the normal performance requirements expected of a veterinarian and thus providing veterinary care that is affordable, compassionate, not limited to normal business hours and of the highest quality.
  • Demonstrably contributing to the improvement of veterinary care in the Greater Fort Myers area.
  • Developing veterinary care that meets the needs and requests of area breeders and dog owners.

Congratulations Dr. McKelvie and thank you for all you have done for our dogs!

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The Greater Fort Myers Dog Club Annual Dog Show was held as part of the
Strawberry Cluster.
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