Therapy Dogs

Members of the Greater Fort Myers Dog Club are involved in helping the community.  One of the ways we help with our dogs is by utilizing our dogs as Therapy Dogs for visits to area hospitals, rehabilitation centers, memory care facilities, schools, libraries and many other places. With our therapy dog, we visit patients, serve as READ dogs for children, engage people to discuss their memories of their own pets, encourage children to participate in school work and participate in parades, festivals and do whatever we can to help people with our dogs.


If you are interested in training your dog to become a Therapy Dog, please consult our Training Classes Page.


If your dog is ready to be a therapy dog and has passed their CGC, you can contact Cathy Thompson at to see how your dog can become certified.

Allie cropped


Here is a link to the kind of service that a therapy dog can provide.  This is not one of our dogs, but our dogs do the same thing.  We hope that you enjoy this video.